James P. Sumner | International Bestselling Author


James P. Sumner is excited to announce he has signed a three-book deal with AETHON BOOKS to publish his upcoming sci-fi trilogy, beginning with Darkness Rises!

Aethon Books are a huge name in the sci-fi and fantasy world, publishing bestselling titles from such genre heavyweights as Craig Martelle and Rick Partlow. James is incredibly proud to be a part of their family.

DARKNESS RISES is an epic space opera inspired by Star Wars, The Expanse, and Destiny 2.

A crew of down-on-their-luck space pirates chance across a distress signal from a stranded science vessel. The rescue begins as a self-serving mission to line their pockets. However, the crew of The Starseeker soon find themselves on a mysterious and dangerous mission to uncover the lost secrets of the galaxy, all while avoiding the criminals who want them dead.

More details will be announced soon!


James began his writing journey in the summer of 2013, penning and self-publishing his debut thriller, True Conviction. Since then, he has produced multiple bestsellers, including the international bestseller and former Amazon #1 blockbuster hit, A Necessary Kill. He was also won several literary awards for his acclaimed Adrian Hell series.

With over 20 books under his belt, James continues to do what he loves, while also helping other self-published authors on their journey by offering services and support.

His wife (and editor) is waiting for him in New York, along with his wonderful stepdaughter, and his very distinguished cat, Finney.

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