James P. Sumner | International Bestselling Author

In a distant galaxy teetering on the brink of chaos after millennia of peace, empires fight to maintain power, and long-buried secrets yearn to be found. A science fiction saga, inspired by the world-building of Star Wars, and the storytelling of The Expanse, A CHORUS OF STARS is unlike any space opera that came before it. Filled with political intrigue, breathtaking adventure, and personal redemption, this series is both unmissable and unforgettable.

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Darkness Rises

A Chorus of Stars: Book 1

Two vast empires in the Krona galaxy are both on the brink of war. The Democratic Systems Alliance negotiate for a peaceful end to protests and rioting from a religious movement seeking validation. Elsewhere, the Xhansoran empire look to fight off a rebellion as they continue to enslave and oppress their people.

Meanwhile, a techno-archaeologist and a group of misfits pirates navigate the dangerous outer regions, on the run from criminals who want them dead, and in search of a long-buried secret that could unlock the mysteries of the galaxy’s past.

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