James P. Sumner | International Bestselling Author

These stand-alone thrillers are not directly associated with a specific series and can be enjoyed on their own merits.

Critical Strike: A Thrillerverse Event

(Set before the events of Become Death and Cry Havoc)

The attack that Adrian Hell and GlobaTech have been working to prevent finally transpires. What begins with a violent attack on the streets of Washington, D.C. sets in motion a chain of events that will change the world forever. The fight everyone has been fearing is finally upon them, and only one thing is certain: not everyone will survive

An epic thriller that tells a compelling story on an unprecedented scale, Critical Strike brings together James P. Sumner’s three bestselling series for one blockbuster literary event that will take your breath away! There is nothing like this on the bookshelves.

ISBN: 9781914191268 — can be used to order copies into any bookstore or library worldwide. A popular selection is listed below:

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