This bestselling and award-winning series is an action-packed tale of one man’s quest for revenge, redemption, and inner peace. He’s a hitman who lost everything… including himself.

With the help of his best friend, he makes good money killing bad people. But he is also a man of principle. Sometimes it’s more important to do what’s right. However, that’s usually where his problems start…

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book…  Adrian Hell has just become my new number one!”

— Amazon Reader

It is extremely well written, very readable, totally captured me in as one of Adrian Hell’s fans!”

— Amazon Reader

“All I can say is Adrian Hell… wow! So much better than Jack Reacher!”

— Amazon Reader

All the novels and boxsets are exclusive to Kindle. You can start the series with a nice discount, or you can make good use of your Kindle Unlimited subscription with the collections.

The series is also available in paperback. The books can be found online in most major bookstores, but you can save a few dollars by purchasing them (along with exclusive bundles) directly from the author.

Finally, you can listen to the series via Audible. Gary Bennett’s incredible voice work netted both him and the series multiple awards in 2023! (Also available through iTunes.)

However you want to dive into this stunning thriller series, there’s an option for everyone — all designed to maximise your enjoyment and minimise the strain on your wallet!

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