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True Conviction (Adrian Hell, Book 1)


Format: Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781914191046)

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True Conviction (Adrian Hell, Book 1)

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A legendary assassin becomes the target when faced with the threat of a new Cold War.

Sometimes, the tough choices are no choice at all:

Kill the enemy… or die trying.

Adrian Hell is hired to take out a corrupt businessman, but quickly realizes the job isn’t as straightforward as it first appears. The more Adrian learns about his target, the more he becomes one himself. Caught in the middle of two powerful enemies, Adrian must use every tool in his deadly arsenal to survive.

The story unfolds through the eyes of a bad man with a good heart, and seeing his unique moral compass will likely make you question your own.

If you love Jason Bourne and John Wick, you need this series in your library.

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GENRE: Action Thriller
KEY THEMES: Assassins, Organized Crime, Terrorism, Vigilante Justice


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