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Blowback (Adrian Hell, Book 8)

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Format: Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781914191244)

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Blowback (Adrian Hell, Book 8)

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You can’t outrun your past unless you bury it for good.

A twist of fate puts Adrian Hell in the crosshairs of the Yakuza.

Pushed beyond his limits, he will unleash a side of himself no one has seen before.

Two years on from the heart-breaking events in Thicker Than Blood, Adrian has semi-retired in Tokyo. He takes low-level contracts to keep boredom at bay. He’s found an unlikely love and an uneasy peace.

But a ghost from his past is lurking in the shadows, looking to destroy everything he’s worked for. Vengeance makes a powerful enemy. Can he protect everything he is afraid to lose?

This unforgiving, fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of Jason Bourne and John Wick.

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GENRE: Action Thriller
KEY THEMES: Assassins, Mystery, Organized Crime, Revenge, Vigilante Justice

3 reviews for Blowback (Adrian Hell, Book 8)

  1. Lynn Hallbrooks

    Adrian Hell has already been through so much. He deserves his rest. Life or fate, depending on how you look at it, has other plans.

    I enjoy the first-person point of view as it allows the reader to see what is happening from Adrian’s perspective. We, the reader, get to see all the thoughts and emotions playing out in real time.

  2. Brian Every

    You have to wonder at the ability of the human body to heal and recover because Adrian Hell sure does abuse his! You would think at 49 he would be slowing down but no he is as hard charging as ever, though he does seem to complain about his aches and pains a bit more! Once again James P. Sumner has penned an adventure of mirth and mayhem worth of a hero named Adrian Hell. If you like deep characters and nonstop action, you will love this book. I did.

  3. Ann Davis

    Greatest work to date!
    I waited with baited breath for this installment of the Adrian Hell series and it was worth the wait. It was good to meet old friends again and share another adventure with them. The characters are very well done, believable and human with a lot of depth. If I can’t believe in the characters then the book just doesn’t hold my attention and there are so many books to read that I can’t waste time on something that doesn’t resonate. As soon as I received my advanced reader copy I devoured the whole thing, like a starving man at an all you can eat buffet, start to finish and, after that, I started at right at the beginning again, this time to savor every word.
    While part of a series that well worth investing the time in, this book can an also be read as a stand-alone novel. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment of Thrillerverse. Back to the keyboard please, James P. Sumner.

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