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The GlobaTech Collection (Books 1-3)


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The hard-hitting techno-thriller series is now available in this great-value boxset for the first time! 

Jericho Stone is betrayed and left for dead by the government he’s served his entire adult life. Left alone in a world torn apart by terrorism, his one chance at justice lies with GlobaTech Industries.

The private military contractor is led by Josh Winters, the best friend of one of Jericho’s old enemies. He’s putting together an elite unit of operatives to combat terrorism and take on threats the government can’t.

Together with his new allies, Julie Fisher and Ray Collins, Jericho utilises GlobaTech’s cutting edge weaponry and technology to fight back against the enemies of the world.

This series not only establishes a well-written cast of believable characters, and tells politically-charged stories that blur the lines between fiction and reality, but it also serves as a launchpad for the Thrillerverse, the shared story world turning the entire genre on its head. Lose yourself in these intelligent, action-packed thrillers about the world’s largest private military corporation. Fans of Tom Clancy and Chris Ryan will love these novels!



Keywords: Action, Boxset, Espionage, Military, Political, Techno-thriller, Terrorism



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