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Danger Close (GlobaTech, Book 3)


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A nation stands divided on the brink of war. Time is running out.

GlobaTech is called upon to act as peacekeepers while diplomatic options are explored.

But one mistake could cost thousands of lives.

Paluga is a small South American country torn apart by civil unrest. Jericho Stone leads a peacekeeping force on behalf of the U.N. to help bring stability to the region. But an unexpected terrorist attack changes everything.

GlobaTech must face enemies on and off the battlefield if they are to survive the coming storm. They are the world’s only hope, but they can’t help anyone if they don’t exist.

An intelligent, politically charged thriller that draws disturbing parallels to the world we live in. With large-scale action and a gripping storyline, this is the perfect read for fans of James Rosone and Chris Ryan.

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GENRE: Military Techno-thriller
KEY THEMES: Conspiracy, Espionage, Politics, Private Military, Terrorism, War


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