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A Necessary Kill (Adrian Hell, Book 5)


Format: Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781914191183)

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A Necessary Kill (Adrian Hell, Book 5)

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An impossible target. A necessary kill.

This is the #1 international bestselling thriller from James P. Sumner.

Adrian Hell has nothing to lose… and a cause worth dying for.

The explosive events in Deadly Intent changed the world forever. Now, Adrian is separated from his allies and on the run, hunted by the U.S. government, who believe he was responsible for a devastating terrorist attack.

But only he knows the truth.

This intelligent and frighteningly-plausible thriller won the 2015 Kindle Scout program. Filled with intense action and award-winning dialogue, this is simply unmissable.

Add this instant classic to your library today.


GENRE: Action Thriller
KEY THEMES: Assassins, Conspiracy, Espionage, Politics, Terrorism, Vigilante Justice


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