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Good Intentions (Adrian Hell, Book 6)


Format: Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781914191206)

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Good Intentions (Adrian Hell, Book 6)

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No choice. No way out.

Believed to be dead, Adrian Hell now fights for a new cause, knowing he can never go back to his old life.

But death might have been the better option…

As the world recovers from the shocking events in A Necessary Kill, Adrian is living a new life, killing without prejudice to repay the debt he owes the people who saved him.

But he can’t change who he is. When he begins to question the motives of his saviors, he puts himself in a dangerous situation that could cost him everything.

An intensely gripping thriller that fans of John Milton and Jason Bourne will love.

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GENRE: Action Thriller
KEY THEMES: Assassins, Conspiracy, Politics, Vigilante Justice


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