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Crossfire (GlobaTech, Book 2)


Format: Trade Paperback (ISBN: 9781914191305)

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Crossfire (GlobaTech, Book 2)

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It began with a kidnapped child. It will end with bloodshed.

GlobaTech Industries wants a better future for all of us.

They’re about to learn not everyone can be saved.

Jericho Stone and Julie Fisher are in Montreal, charged with protecting a high-value client whose daughter was taken by his enemies. His business is dangerous, and his survival is imperative.

Meanwhile, Ray Collins is in Miami, taking the first vacation he’s had in years. But when his questionable past catches up with him, he finds himself on a collision course with the last people he wants to find in his crosshairs.

This pulse-pounding new thriller kickstarts a storyline that will span all three series in the author’s impressive catalogue. Its frenetic pace and razor-sharp dialogue make this a compelling must-read for fans of Strike Back or Mitch Rapp.

Complete your library with this incredible story today.


GENRE: Military Techno-thriller
KEY THEMES: Conspiracy, Espionage, Politics, Private Military, Terrorism


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